Kimberbell Exclusive - Sweet Wraps

Our Sweet Wraps are autumn decor for Sweet Tubes and more! Made with crisscrossed strips of raw-edge fabric, these giftable wraps can be tied with coordinating ribbon around cylinders of all sizes. Meet the Mystery Mummy, his friendly eyes shyly peeking from soft layers of fabric, then harvest a Pumpkin Patch with darling applique stems! Both designs come in x-small, small, and medium sizes for a variety of projects.

Cost - $25.00

Instructor - Jennifer Moore 

Email with any questions you may have!


Kimberbell has revised their rules and is letting everyone come and “pick up” their design in the store and complete this adorable project at home. To pick up your design all you have to do is bring in your Kimberbell USB (or any USB), pay the lower class fee and we’ll load your design and directions.


4"x4" hoop is needed for the x-small.

5"x7" hoop is needed for the small.

6"x10" hoop is needed for the medium size.

Fabric requirements and cutting instructions are included in the instruction sheet!

Additional Items needed:

• KDKB146 Sweet Tubes (Large)
• KDKB100 Ribbon 
• KDTL100 Paper Tape

• Felt, Black 
• Permanent Topper
• Water-soluble Topper 
• Fusible Woven Interfacing

 Additional Tips:

  • Make sure you use the tearaway stabilizer, otherwise your stabilizer will be seen. One suggestion is to use black tearaway when doing the mummy.
  • Step 1A uses background fabric. Step 1B is the Mummy Wrap/Pumpkin Rind fabric. I had overlooked that the first time. I also felt that I didn't have enough strips on the small and medium sizes, so it wouldn't hurt to prepare 50% extra. Also note, the instructions say small, medium large for strip sizing, but mummy/pumpkin sizes are x-small, small, and medium. I just adjusted strip sizing to read x-small, small and medium.
  • Pay careful attention to steps 13 and 14. 15 is when you remove the water-soluble topping. This is important as you don't want to accidentally get your embroidery foot caught in the strips.
  • For the pumpkin, I was disappointed in my felt color selection. The second pumpkin I made without felt. If you want to do that, here are the things I changed.
    • Cut 2 background fabric to size instructed for felt. Iron fusible fleece to one and the fusible woven interfacing to second. Stitch as instructed with the following adjustments. Step 3, place background fabric with fusible fleece. Step 8, do not place any fabric. Step 14, place background fabric with fusible woven interfacing. In the future, I might still do felt for the layer with the fusible fleece, but still cut background fabric to that size, so the background fabric covers the felt, but from the side it is more pumpkin like instead of the white fusible fleece being visible.