Kimberbell Shop Exclusive Autumn Blessings Bench Buddy

Cost: $25.00

It’s a season to be grateful, and our Autumn Blessings Bench Buddy is a lovely reminder of life’s bounty! With letters made of brilliant, orange Mylar and simple satin stitches, the sentiment is framed on each side by subtle strips of Crocheted Edge Trim. Make the Bench Buddy cover, slip over our 9 ½ x 5 ½ Pillow Insert, and add a vibrant bloom from Kimberbell Bouquets for beautiful dimension! Our Autumn Blessings Bench Buddy is cozy decor for every thankful heart. To pick up your design, all you have to do is bring in your Kimberbell USB (or any USB), pay the lower class fee and we’ll load your design and directions. The fabric requirements are listed below in case you’d like to shop for them while you’re in the shop.


Materials Needed:

HOOP: 5 x 7
Embroidery Field: 3.35 x 6.99” or 85.1 x 177.5 mm
Finished Size: 9½ x 5½”

Fabric 1: Background & Back 1 Fat Quarter

• KDKB127 Mylar Sheets (1) Gold
• KDKB206 Pillow Form (1) 9½ x 5½”
• KDKB180 Crocheted Edge Trim (1) 12” length of ½” width
• KDKB172 Kimberbell Bouquets: Fall Pull Flowers (1) Pull Flower
• KDTL100 Paper Tape

• Fusible Woven Interfacing

Cutting Instructions:
Fabric 1:
Background cut (1) 11½ x 7½”
Back Piece 1 cut (1) 9½ x 6”
Back Piece 2 cut (1) 3½ x 6”
Gold Mylar: “Autumn” cut (1) 7 x 3½”
Crocheted Edge Trim: Trim Pieces A & B cut (2) 6” Pieces
Pull Flower: Pull Flower cut (1) 18” length **

**For the Pull Flowers, carefully push from each side and "bunch" the flower together in the middle of the thread piece that runs along side the pull flower ribbon. Be careful not to pull the thread completely out of the pull flower!

If you have any other questions about this project, please email Anabel at!