Kimberbell Shop Exclusive Nautical Hoops

Cost: $25.00

Embark on a creative journey with Kimberbell’s Nautical Hoops! With crisp colors of red, white, and blue, our Anchors Aweigh and Hello Summer designs are stitched in a 4x4 embroidery field, framed in Kimberbell’s exclusive 3 ½” Bamboo Hoops, and tastefully trimmed in Tassels and Poms. Whether you’re a seasoned embroiderer, still learning the ropes, or just getting ready to test the waters, Nautical Hoops are smooth sailing for every skill level.To pick up your design, all you have to do is bring in your Kimberbell USB (or any USB), pay the lower class fee and we’ll load your design and directions. The fabric requirements are listed below in case you’d like to shop for them while you’re in the shop.


Materials Needed:

HOOP: 4 x 4
Embroidery Field: 3.90 x 3.90” or 99.1 x 99.1 mm
Finished Size: 3½” Diameter
STABILIZER: Cut-away (if you are using no show mesh, use two layers)

Fabric 1: Background Fabric Scrap
Fabric 2: Back, optional Fabric Scrap

• KDKB149 Bamboo Hoop (1)
• KDKB131 Pompom Trim, optional (1) 12” Piece
• KDTL100 Paper Tape

• Fusible Woven Interfacing

Cutting Instructions:

Fabric 1:
Background cut (1) 5 x 5”
Fabric 2:
Back, optional cut (1) 5 x 5”


Need more help with this project? Email for further questions!