Kimberbell's Love Notes Mystery Quilt

Kimberbell's Love Notes Mystery Quilt

Don’t you just love a good mystery?  The anticipation of how it ends keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Well, I guess that’s what Kimberbell was thinking when they sent out the message that they’re releasing their 5 week “Love Notes Mystery Quilt” program.  It’s such a secret WE won’t even be able to see it before the fun begins.  We’ll be creating it along with you!  Anticipate, discover, and stitch a new quilt section every week for five weeks.  Every Monday Kimberbell will also post videos with tips, hints, and other stitching fun!

Here’s how it works:

  • Beginning May 30th you’ll come into the shop to sign up and pay for your kits (Fabric Kit, Embellishment Kit, your first Instruction envelope (and CD for embroidery version.) We’ll ask you if you want the sewing or embroidery version.  Kimberbell has packaged it all in a beautiful collectible box.  They’re so sweet!
  • June 22nd a free Kimberbell design will be downloadable for all participants. “A Little Birdie Told Me” pillow can be stitched up while you’re eagerly awaiting the mystery project to begin.
  • August 3rd “The Mystery Begins” to unfold! You will come into the shop for your first week’s materials: all fabric, embellishments and the first week’s envelope of instructions.  If you’re embroidering yours, you’ll receive the CD of designs at that time as well.
  • Each week, for 5 weeks, you’ll come into the shop for your new envelope of instructions.
  • As you create the weekly portions of the quilt you will begin to see the “clues” to this mystery project. I can’t wait to see them as well!!!


You’re sure to enjoy the whole “sentimental journey” of

Kimberbell’s Love Notes Mystery Quilt! 

And when all’s said and done, the only real mystery is this:

Will you be joining the fun?

If you’d like to participate by mail please let us know.

Email us at or call us at 512-899-3233