Well, for the 3 people out there that haven’t made this McKenna bag with me before, (wink, wink), or for those who’d like to make another one, I decided to have this class again.  After 7 classes I thought I’d never do another one.  But, a few years later and a few requests, I thought I’d do just one more.  It’s a small one but oh so fun.  I learned from the 7 other classes that I should have done them in a 2 class setting.  I know, you’d think I would have learned that after the first one.  Anyway, I’m having this one in 2 parts so watch those dates. 

Preparation this month might take a few more minutes than usual but I hope I’ve helped you out a little by offering an interfacing kit.  There are 4 different interfacings in this pattern, so I’ve done part of the work for you.  If you don’t want to buy all 4 separately, I’ve put 3 of them together in a little kit that’s available for sale with the pattern.  The 3 different interfacings are even cut to the right sizes for you.  There will be only one left for you to purchase and cut.  That information is written for you in the homework link attached.  The hardware is also available to purchase in a kit.  I’m afraid currently however, this hardware is only available in silver.  That’s something to think about when choosing your fabrics. 

Hope to see you at the next Bag of the Month class. 


Monday, September 27th and Monday, October 11   10-2:30


Saturday, October 2nd and 9th   10-2:30

Click Here For Homework Preparation Instructions