Where Projects Begin!

A Quilter's Folly is your local South Austin quilt shop! Woman owned and operated since 2011, Mary Ellen Clifford opened A Quilter's Folly from pure love and enjoyment of the Quilting Industry and all that comes with it! Being a quilter herself for many years before opening A Quilter's Folly, she always jokingly says, "I ran out of room for fabric in my house, so here we are today!" Along with having thousands of bolts of quilting cottons from various designers and brands, we also boast a large and varied selection of notions and patterns! Be sure to drop by Lisa's Island as well! Lisa's Island is full of purse patterns, hardware, and assorted other items to help your bag making experience be a good one! Looking for a sewing machine? Well look no further! A Quilter's Folly is a Certified Pfaff Dealer and our expert staff can help you find the sewing machine you have always dreamed of! Our staff, known as the Follies, are full of amazing individuals who can help you get started on your next project! Come on and stop by A Quilter's Folly Where Projects Begin!


Meet the Follies!!!


Mary Ellen Clifford

Mary Ellen Clifford Image


Role at AQF: Owner, I run the show!

How long have you worked at AQF: Since the beginning! March 2011!

When did you start sewing?: My mother sewed a lot, but I was middle-schooled age before I really started sewing. I started quilting when pregnant with my second child.

Favorite sewing project to date: I am most proud of my spiral lone star quilt.

Previous life: Hospice Nurse




Lisa SimmonsLisa Simmons Image 

Role at AQF: Customer Service, Bag of the Month Instructor, Kimberbell Instructor

How long have you worked at AQF: Since Feb. 2013!

When did you start sewing?: About 30 years ago when my kids were little; sewing costumes, capes, kid stuff. I've been sewing purses for 15 years.

Favorite sewing project to date: Purses, especially my rectangle purse.

Sewing goal: To become a better quilter!

Previous life: 3rd grade teacher.




Dolores PickensDolores Pickens Image

Role at AQF: Class Instructor

How long have you worked at AQF: Since March 2011.

When did you start sewing?: 1989. I was 2 months married, and my husband's grandmother handed me a book, saying "I'm never going to do this. Here!" I went home and did it. It was a 12-block sampler and I made it out of whatever I had, scraps, junk fabric, and upholstery fabric.

Favorite sewing project to date: I have a hand-applique quilt I made. It took 5 years to make. Jacobian. I love it.

Sewing goal: My goal is to always something different that continues to challenge me.

Previous life: Mom



Sarah Mead

Sarah Mead Image

Role at AQF: Customer Service/Sales

How long have you worked at AQF: Since October 2015.

When did you start sewing?: I grew up sewing at my mother's side.

Favorite sewing project to date: My first quilt!

Sewing goal: Work on my accuracy/precision in quilting and somehow make something out of all the fabric I have.

Previous life: Human Resources Manager in corporate headquarters.


Jennifer Moore

Role at AQF: Started off as the Social Media Manager, then transitioned to being a Kimberbell Instructor along with working Sales/Customer Service.

How long have you worked at AQF: since 2017

When did you start sewing?: I started sewing with guidance from my grandmother when I was 7 or 8. After her death when I was 11, I sewed vary sporadically until I had my first child when I wanted to sew her cute clothes. When she stopped wanting to wear what I made her, I switched to quilting and machine embroidery and have never looked back.

Favorite sewing project to date: My favorite project to date is the Australian Birdwing Butterfly mini quilt I made using foundation paper piecing.

Sewing goal: To make a dent in my UFOs.

Previous/Current life: I work part-time utilizing my civil engineering background, as well, as chauffeuring my 8 and 10 year old daughters to various activities and volunteering with the Baranoff PTA, my church, and my girls' American Heritage Girls scout troop.


Christina Pickens

Role at AQF:   Customer service/Sales

How long have you worked at AQF: 1 year

When did you start sewing: I took my first sewing class when I was seven.

Favorite sewing project to date: I have two projects that I am just in love with. Number one is my (not yet finished) one block wonder. I absolutely love the fabric. It’s colorful, and it puts a smile on my face. Project number two is my duffel bag. I use it almost every day, and it hasn't fallen apart yet, which makes it even better.

Previous life:  Student



Cheryl Vaughan

Name: Cheryl Vaughan

Role at AQF: Community Manager

How long have you worked at AQF: Officially started December 2020. 

When did you start sewing: I started sewing simple things, like pillows, as a child. I started quilting when I took a class at AQF about 6 years ago. 

Favorite sewing project to date: Oh, it’s too difficult to choose. I love learning new things and every quilt I make becomes my new favorite.

Sewing goal: I’d love to learn more about garment sewing. 

Previous life: In a previous life, I was a therapist in private practice. I did this until my 3rd child was born. I still keep an active license in counseling, but for the time being I enjoy my focus on the creative. Although, sewing is very therapeutic! :)



D'ette Rice


Name: D’ette Rice

Role at AQF: Customer Service/Sales


How long have you worked at AQF: October 2019 

When did you start sewing: At age 9, my sister taught me to sew. I have crafted all my life. 

Favorite sewing project to date: The one I am working on at any given time – I love them all. 

Sewing goal: Continuing to improve my Free Motion Quilting Skills. 

Previous life: Dance Instructor and Owner/Manager at D’ette & Co. Dancers